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Important tips and points to know while selling your car...

So planning to sell your car??? Then read this post to make sure it is a happy experience. So now you are planning to sell your beloved car? Well that is a crucial decision and one that you need to carefully execute so that your parting memory with your loved car is not a painful or regretful one.  Through this post we will try to lay out what are the key factors that you should keep in mind and should thoroughly review to ensure that the transaction is smooth and does not cause any regrets later on.  First up, we will take you through a few simple questions that will help to un-clutter your mind and convince your heart, which will help you to get yourself a good deal. Do you really want to sell your car? “Do I really want to sell my car?” – Give this question a good hard thought. In most cases if the answer to that question is NO, you will never get a good deal for your car. Considering that your answer to the above question was YES, then try answering this questi

Should I buy the BS4 car or wait for BS6?

This is the proverbial “million dollar question” that is most prevalent in the car market at the current stage. Every buyer is trying to figure out an answer for that and most importantly every manufacturer and dealer is also desperately hoping that the buyer decides quickly and starts buying. Having already stated our stand in favour of adoption of BSVI emission standards for our country, we definitely would recommend to go for a BSVI compliant vehicle, but then again we would also like to put forth some points in support of our recommendation. The idea is to lay out all the consderations that you face while taking your decision, needless to mention that the recommendation is purely the writer’s opinion and the decision to buy is purely your call. The environmental impact – In our last post we had pointed out that transport emissions are the most dominant factor in air pollution across the world and it is especially true for most urban environments. All the smog, yel